White granite is a fantastic addition for any home. While this granular-patterned, naturally-occurring stone comes in many colours, there’s something about the white granite that simply takes our breath away.

White anything, however, is always going to be more prone to visible staining than any other colour. White granite is no different, but that doesn’t mean keeping it clean and beautiful has to keep you up at night. Here are 10 ways to keep your white granite clean and in showroom condition for the lifetime of your kitchen.

  1. ALWAYS Clean Up After Yourself… As Soon as Possible

Granite is a popular stone for use in kitchens, as table tops, benchtops and splashbacks, and in bathrooms as vanities. These highly frequented areas are subject to the risk of spillage. A kitchen benchtop in particular could see everything from coffee to wine to tomato sauce spilled across its lovely white granite surface. Make sure to be proactive and wipe up spills immediately. Leaving a spill, even a cooking oil spill, will increase the likelihood of long term staining.

  1. Blot Up A Spill BEFORE Wiping

Carrying on from number one, when a spill does happen–and let’s face it, it probably will–before you grab a cloth and give a Herculean wipe across the length and breadth of the granite slab, make sure you blot up the spill first. This way you’ll remove as much of the liquid as possible before having to wipe it up. Without blotting first, you’ll likely just spend the first few wipes spreading the staining liquid around and over a greater surface area.

  1. Use A Soft Cloth or Sponge

Be gentle with your white granite. It doesn’t matter where you’ve installed it, this natural stone should be treated gently to avoid scratches or other damage. While there are specific granite cleaners, wipes, and detergents on the market, even just a quick wipe with a soft cloth and warm water will do the trick. While not likely to damage your granite when used once or twice, avoid using dishwashing liquid or soap as repeated use can dull your white granite’s shine. Definitely avoid abrasive cleaning pads or sponges so as not to cause scratches.

  1. NEVER use Bleaches or Harsh, Chemical Cleaners

White granite has an aesthetic fit for royalty, so treat it as such. Bleaches and many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will damage your granite stone in more ways than one. Not only will it stain but it will also dull the colour and weaken the integrity of the sealant. Regular use of warm water, especially when applied quickly, will work wonders, as will the many varieties of granite-specific cleaners available in stores. Other no-no cleaners include vinegar, lemon, ammonia or your regular run-of-the-mill household cleaners. Better be safe than sorry!

  1. Keep Varnishes and Other Liquids Away!

A lot of seemingly innocuous, everyday liquids can cause extensive and permanent damage to a pristine white granite bench or tabletop. Colognes, nail varnishes, nail removers, creams, lotions and perfumes all contain a number of chemicals that, if spilled over granite, can leave a lasting reminder of the accident. The best thing to do is to simply keep these harmful liquids far away from your gorgeous granite.

  1. Beat the Heat with Trivets or Hot Pads

A lot of staining on white granite isn’t caused by liquids at all. Hot pans or pots placed directly onto a granite benchtop will leave an ugly, permanent stain. It’s even possible for the granite to crack due to thermal shock. Always place a trivet or a heat pad on the counter and then place the hot pot or pan on to that.

  1. Make Coaster-Usage A Habit

While not as unsightly and hard-to-repair as heat stains, if your benchtop or tabletop is made of white granite you’re going to want to enforce coaster usage as a habit to prevent ring stains. Coffee and tea mugs, soda cans, and even glasses of water are all better off sitting on a coaster. Prevention is always better than cure and if you want your white granite to continue looking like it’s in showroom condition for years to come this is a great habit to get into.

  1. Avoid Sitting and/or Standing On It

Yes, granite is one very hard and durable material. Yes, white granite is a fantastic investment that will add value and appeal to your home. But no, white granite benchtops are NOT designed to be stood or sat on. Why? If the weight placed on the slab of granite is applied too heavily in one spot it could crack. Unless the floor suddenly becomes lava, there’s really no need to jump onto your beautiful white granite top.

  1. Reseal Your Granite

White granite offers endless appeal and will remain in fashion for years and years to come. To keep it looking like the day you had it installed for its entire lifetime, we recommend getting it resealed every 2 to 4 years. Resealing your granite will help protect it from the usual wear and tear that occurs over time. The longer you leave your granite without resealing it, the duller it will become and the more likely it is to get stained.

  1. Institute A Regular Routine

We know you and your white granite are bound to have a long and loving relationship, but all good relationships are worth a little care. Institute a regular daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine to keep your granite clean, sparkly and as impressive as ever.

  • Daily – use hot water and a soft sponge to wipe away spills and crumbs.
  • Weekly – Remove any objects on the counter and use a specialised granite cleaner over the whole surface, including corners and edges.
  • Monthly – Use special granite polishes to keep your white granite as stunning as the day you fell in love with it in our showroom.
  • Yearly – Test your white granite to check whether it needs to be resealed. You do NOT need to seal your granite every year, but it’s worth throwing yourself a little annual reminder so, when it is time for resealing, you’ll be on the ball.

Find Out More About Granite

If you want to know more about granite check out our blog! You’ll find a ton of information on what granite is used for, how it compares to quartz, and how to clean stone benchtops. Or give us a call and have a chat to our friendly, expert team about all things natural stone and how to best keep your white granite clean.

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