Carrara Marble Tile

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    The Carrara marble tile comes from the Italian city of the same name. Often described as some of the world’s finest marble, this exclusive stone was used by sculptors from Michelangelo to Henry Moore. Thanks to its characteristic combination of white and grey patterning, Carrara marble looks stunning anywhere you put it – as part of the interior and the exterior, from kitchen sinks to marble staircases.


    Why Designers Love Carrara Marble Tile


    Often compared with and sometimes confused for similar types of Italian marble such as Calacatta and Statuary, Carrara marble is the most common and easily discernible engineered stones from this Mediterranean country. You can recognise it by its subtle grey background and feathery grey veining.


    In rare variants, Carrara marble tile patterning can tend towards bluish grey. Whatever the case, this marble is loved by designers for being able to match tradition to modernity, and effortlessly so. Being sophisticated and minimalistic at the same time, Carrara is an ideal choice for modern designs.


    Carrara Marble Tile and Its Many Benefits

    We recommend Carrara marble tile for at least two major reasons:

    Immense Aesthetic Potential

    Carrara marble looks very exclusive without being too conspicuous – white and feathery, the pattern is elegant and versatile at the same time, offering limitless aesthetic potential. It’s perfect for interior and exterior projects alike, and it is a very popular choice for staircases, floorings, and kitchen facings.

    Easy Maintenance & Durability

    When cleaned properly, Carrara marble tiles can maintain their brilliance for decades. The greatest danger to this delicate tile comes from acidic wines and lemon juice, but with the appropriate cleaning products, stains don’t have to be any cause for concern. Carrara marble is highly durable.


    Why Buy Carrara Marble at Euro Marble

    With over three decades of experience with natural and engineered stone, our experts at Euro Marble can help you choose the best tile for your needs and taste. Our personalised solutions and quality of service are just as exceptional and long-lasting as our Carrara marble tiles. Visit us today!