Carrara marble tiles are probably the first product you think of when renovating a bathroom or living area. Nothing speaks elegance and timelessness than Carrara marble tiles and with a huge choice in patterning, colours, dimensions (can come in rectangular or square size) and textures available, it comes at no surprise.

Marble tiles have become a popular choice for bathrooms, adding a touch of glass and grandeur to the space it finds itself in. Its cool temperature it maintains also gives you a refreshing underfoot feeling especially after a hot steamy shower. It is important to note that Carrara marble being a natural stone is porous and can easily stain or mark if appropriate care is not taken. If you are wanting a bathroom that can withstand excessive wear and tear and have peace of mind then granite tiles may be an option to consider.

In kitchens, the Carrara tiles can reflect and compliment the different styles and furnishings making the space feel more open and giving off a sense of sophistication. They have the ability to extend to vertical surfaces like kitchen splash backs adding depth and character to the room.


All natural stone including Carrara have a range of different applications depending on the stone, please consult with a stone sales consultant for expert opinion before committing with a material. Some of the many uses of Carrara marble include:

  • Coffee Table
  • Splashback / backsplash
  • Benchtop / Countertop / Table Top
  • Dining Table
  • Side Table
  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Worktops
  • Floor
  • Wall

Colours / Finishes

Carrara marble comes in many different colours and finishes however the most popular and commonly used finish is honed. This refers to a satin or smooth finish that has little to no gloss. It has become increasingly popular with white marble due to its ability to be easily maintained.

A polished surface finish is one that is highly glossy and reflective and bring out the character and colour of the stone. This finish should only be used on vertical surfaces such as feature walls or bathroom wall panels

Care, Cleaning & Maintenance

How to clean Carrara Marble?

Carrara marble like any other white marbles or natural stone should be appropriately sealed to prevent liquids being drawn into and staining the stone. It should be maintained with PH neutral detergents and any spillages from liquids containing acidic properties should be cleaned up promptly and not left on the surface for prolonged periods of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Carrara Marble vs Calacatta Marble

Both the Bianco Carrara and Calacatta materials are Italian and natural stone quarried from the same region, there are many similarities so it is easy to get them confused. The main difference between the two is the background colour. Carrara tends to have more of a muddy white to grey base with soft grey sporadic veining where as Calacatta tends to have more of a crisp white background with thicker, more dominant veining. It is important to note that both of these Italian marbles perform the same and can both be used in a wide range of applications such as marble countertops, kitchen splash backs and bathroom vanities however proper care with appropriate cleaning products must be used in order to maintain its original quality .

How much does Carrara Marble cost?

The cost of Carrara marble varies based on the type selected and its aesthetic. Generally the Carrara materials with a whiter background will fetch more $/m2 than those with more of a gray background simply because they are the slabs that are most desired in Sydney and Australia as a whole. If this stone doesn’t fit within your budget for your project, there are many alternative marble granite slabs available in the market and it would be best to speak a sales consultant to arrange a time to view their gallery and what they have on offer before making an informed decision.