Who doesn’t dream of doing a bit of a renovation here and there in their bathroom? Whether it’s just a cosmetic touch-up or a wall-to-wall remodelling, one the biggest factors influencing whether someone is going to press the trigger on their reno is how much it is going to cost to remodel the bathroom. 

The Numbers Game

It’s an unforgiving task trying to give an average for the cost of a bathroom renovation because all remodelling projects are vastly different in type, size and scale.

Having said that, the average Australian spends somewhere between $10,000 and $20,000 on their bathroom remodelling with the median price being $13,000. 

That should give you some sort of a starting frame of reference. While small bathroom renovations can cost as little as $5,000 and others can cost as much as $25,000 plus, if you’re planning on a standard bathroom reno project it’s probably going to fall somewhere more towards the middle of that sum.

If you are working on a tight budget, then you should consider reading our guide about creating a breath taking bathroom on a budget.

Factors That Affect The Remodelling Cost

Bathroom size

It should go without saying that the larger your bathroom the higher the cost of a bathroom remodelling. As a sheer numbers game you’ll need more materials and from a labour cost perspective, if the brand new wall to be tiled is twice as large as your neighbour’s it is likely to take twice as long for installation. 

Structural work

The more structural work–think demolishing and re-construction–that you’re going to be doing the higher the price of the finished product is going to be. From labour hours involved to the cost of the raw materials, increased amount of work translates into increased price.

Material costs

The largest portion of your remodelling budget should be going to the costs of the actual materials. If you’re resurfacing the entirety of your bathroom’s walls, ceiling and floor, the cost of the materials alone will be significantly more than a simple vanity replacement.

Windows and/or skylights

Thinking of putting in a new window for added fresh air or a stunning skylight for extra brightness? While both are great ideas, they are also commonly high contributors to increased renovation costs.

Plumbing, electrical work and fixtures

Like the factors above, the more work that needs to be done the higher the cost of your renovation. If you need extensive electrical rewiring or are thinking of installing a bathtub for the first time, it’s going to cost more than just changing the cabinetry of your vanity and some fixtures.

Touches of luxury

We all deserve a bit of luxury in the bathroom and with modern technology there are a lot of opportunities to introduce a bit of opulent living to your home. If you’re thinking of including a heated towel rack or underfloor heating, make sure to consider the cost implications as well. It’s often well worth the investment, but we suggest carefully going over your choices so you are aware of the costs ahead of time. 

Bathroom Remodelling Budget Breakdown

Like we mentioned above, all remodelling projects are as different in scope as pieces of string are different in length.

We’ve broken down a rough average budget to help you gain some idea of how the costs of your bathroom are likely to be split.

  • Design Work = 5%
  • Material Costs = 75%
  • Labour Costs = 20%

Design Work

At roughly 5% of your overall remodelling cost, the design work for your bathroom could include any number of things depending on the complexity and size of the project.

Moving a bathroom around the house might require an architect to get involved or even council permit applications if there are significant structural alterations going on. Some people like bringing in outside bathroom designers to provide professional design advice. Whatever your design process looks like, remember to keep it well within the smallest proportion of the allocated funds. 

Material Costs

Materials should be by far the biggest piece of the pie when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Materials, from taps to tiles and vanities to bathtubs, range significantly in price. Your choice in materials should reflect your budget.

Here’s a list of some of the more common parts or features of a bathroom that contribute to the material costs:

  • Tiles or floor/ceiling/wall surfacing
  • Vanities and mirrors
  • Basins, tapware and fixtures
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Toilets
  • Accessories

Labour Costs

Labour costs represent a significant minority of your budget and should be roughly 20% of the total cost. Again, this will depend largely on the type of work getting done and how much of your bathroom remodelling you’re able to do yourself. 

Labourers can include electricians, plumbers, painters, tilers, waterproofers, grouters, carpenters and even skip bin providers. 

Tips For Approaching Your Bathroom Remodelling

  1. Ask yourself what you’re looking to achieve in the remodelling (be realistic) and how much you can want or can afford to spend (be accurate).
  2. Consider your home’s estimated value. As a general rule, you shouldn’t be spending more than 2% of the total value of the home on your bathroom’s remodelling. A rough guide equates to about $3,000 per square metre.
  3. You can save money without compromising on the overall effect of your new bathroom with a few simple tricks:
    1. A simple repaint or surface re-tile can change a room.
    2. Changing some tapware and fixtures can make a world of difference.
    3. Add or replace mirrors and lights to increase the feeling of spaciousness and brightness.
    4. Clean your tiles and grout to bring your worn-looking bathroom back to life.
    5. Modernise your light fittings, shower head, tapware or even the whole shower enclosure without having to commit to a whole-room renovation. 

Have You Looked Into Natural Stone For Your Bathroom?

The team at Euro Marble are experts in all things natural stone and we would love to have a chat with you about how we could incorporate stone in your new bathroom.

We’ll walk and talk you through your entire bathroom-related dreams and match that up with realistic possibilities based on your budget so you’ll know exactly how much it would cost to remodel your bathroom. Want to find out more? Contact us today!

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