Many consumers now want natural stone countertops. What some people don’t know is that every stone countertop design has a stone edge profile. The stone profile is beneficial for you to know as you consider your countertop design.

That’s because natural stone edge profiles have detailed profiles that help bring your countertop design to life. Not only does the stone edge profile detail help bring your countertop to life, but it’s also a key component of your countertops functionality. The countertop function is set in part by the for its thickness, design, and budget.

Read on and discover how the edge profile of your countertop is one of the most overlooked details. Yet, it’s a detail that adds to the unique overall design for your kitchen.

Stone Edge Profiles

There are various natural stone edge options that consumers can consider when choosing one that works for their countertop design. Most stone edge profiles are broken down into three overall categories. The three categories are:

  • Engineered or natural stone edges
  • Premium or solid surface edges
  • Laminated edges

One of the most challenging decisions consumers have, when remodeling their countertops or creating a kitchen or bathroom design they want for a home or business, is narrowing the extensive stone edge profile options. When you think about the kitchens or bathrooms you’ve been in that have the most beautiful countertop designs, it’s the ones that have unique edge profiles that completed the one-of-a-kind look. Whether it’s the style or the functionality you seek for your countertop’s edge profile, you have a wide range of designs when choosing one.

Pencil Edge

One of the natural stone edges is known as the pencil edge profile. The pencil edge profile actually looks a bit like a pencil because of the way it’s cut. The stone has a slightly angular edge that rounds into the vertical surface of the stone.

Most of the time, this stone edge profile is used in kitchens because it is easy to maintain and clean. It also offers a very modern and contemporary look that is comfortable to cook and work on due to the stone’s softer design. If you want to rest your arms as you lean in to do anything in your kitchen, this is a popular stone edge design to use.

Beveled Edge

Another natural stone standard edge is known as the beveled edge profile that is often used for kitchens and bathroom countertops. That’s because it has a classic look with a shortened thickness of the stone, which makes it look luxurious. It’s a great accent edge, but sometimes it looks a bit shorter than it really is, so if you want a longer and more robust look, you might want a different type of stone edge profile.

Round Edge

A family-friendly standard stone surface edge is known as the round edge. The round edge design is often used in homes that have children because it’s design is less hazardous because it has no sharp edges. It’s also a very easy natural stone profile countertop that’s easy to maintain and clean. 

The primary importance, if there are children in the home, is the stone edge profile function and safety components. If there’s an edge profile that’s used the most often in kitchens and bathrooms, this is the stone edge profile, a lot of consumers want.

Arised Edge

Anyone looking for a classic look is attracted to the arised stone edge profile. It works in a traditional kitchen and bathroom as well as rooms with a more modern design. It also comes with various stone edge profile thickness that helps make your design uniquely your own. 

Most of the time, an arised stone edge will finish 20mm with a 2mm profile. The arised stone edge is also usually a bit rounded, so it’s more resistant to chipping. The minimum radius on an arised stone edge profile is about 3mm-6mm. 

Shark Nose Profile

A natural stone edge profile that’s laminated with a shark nose uses the countertop edge profile with a protruding cutback. The cutback is usually from the cabinet line. Sometimes the shark nose stone edge profile can be detailed and cutback based on the cabinet fronts.

Most of the time, it’s also a 20-millimeter substrate stone edge design. There’s no doubt it’s a unique design due to the varying radius on the front edge of the shark nose profile that most other profiles don’t have.

Edge Profiles

It’s the stone edge profiles that make a countertop design. Every edge profile offers something a little bit different. You are the designer, so ensure that you combine the edge profile with whatever style or function, you want the countertop to provide.

You may now understand the stone edge profiles in detail, but you still need more information on the costs involved so you can make an educated decision based on your budget. If possible, you want to use a superior range of natural stone products that are capable of blending traditional methods of stone cutting with innovative and modern technology. By utilizing quality products and services, your countertop installation comes in on time and in your budget parameters.

Plus, using classic stone products for your countertop needs provides you with edge profiles built to last. There may be nothing more important than having a stone edge profile built with quality that brings life to your home or business. 

The Way Forward

When you need a competitive price for your natural stone countertop combined with skilled artisans, you need to look no further than Euro Marble. Euro Marble has thirty years of experience providing stone products and services that are custom-made at an innovative stone processing and manufacturing facility. If you have a budget, Euro Marble will work with you on finding a way to meet it.

EuroMarble offers 150 variations of stone in its comprehensive stone library. That translates into the most unique stone edge profiles and designs for your countertops. When you’re ready to make the beautiful changes to your home or office, reach out to EuroMarble. 

Every question you ask or design you want has an answer. The end result of letting someone who loves what they do provide those answers will be a unique, functional, and stylish countertop that fits your life.

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