An artwork in itself, book-matched natural stone creates an enchanting vista that one could stare at all day. Two imposing slabs of stone opened up and placed next to one another like the pages of a book – perfect mirror-images of each other.

The effect?

A stunning continuance of the natural pattern within the stone, showing off the undulating colour and threads of dramatic veining. This compelling pattern gives rise to graceful elegance – a powerful inclusion to any interior space.

Book-matched Stone Installations

Now that we’ve confirmed its exquisiteness, how do you apply its allure in an interior space – whether that be a home or an office?

Book-matched stone is captivating, but also commanding, which is why it is most suited to be displayed across a large, uninterrupted area. Yet a backsplash will also benefit from its majestic presence.

Arabescato Marble

Book-matched Arabescato Marble is ideal for wall cladding in your bathroom or a feature wall, providing a soothing and glamorous finish.

Statuario Venato

A large kitchen island masterfully crafted from book-matched Statuario Venato sparks a striking appearance that adds a royal air to your interior.

Carrara marble

The ever-faithful Carrara marble provides an opulent statement when applied as flooring, the mirrored effect converting the room and infusing a sense of grandeur.

Which Stones Can be Book-matched?

All stones are not made equal, and some are better suited to be book-matched. Thus, it’s essential to approach a trusted natural stone consultant who knows exactly which types of stone will leave you with a dazzling pattern.

Many marble slabs provide vibrant movement, pronounced veining, and linear patterning throughout their façade that creates striking book-matched patterns. Calacatta Gold and Irish Green Marble are exemplary examples of the ideal façade.

The intense veining of Calacatta and the direct patterning of Irish Green marble create a magnificent mirrored effect.  This masterful application will create a delightful focal point in any contemporary space, infusing the area with a luxurious splash of drama.

Is Book-matching more costly than a typical installation?

Not necessarily. It might take a while to discover the ideal match for your specific space. To make this process as fast and smooth as possible, make sure to team up with skilled artisans and reputable consultants at a company with access to many quarries around the world.

Transform your Home/Office with Book-matching

Add an exclusive touch to your next living room, kitchen or bathroom project by incorporating an arresting book-matched marble facade. Mother nature’s exquisite artworks bring unrivalled beauty to any home or office – transforming it with charm, sophistication and style.

 A bespoke detail, unlike any other!

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