Bronte Residence

A client recently gave us the honour of transforming various spaces within their home with some of our finely crafted luxurious natural stone elements.

 The contemporary entertainer’s style kitchen needed a little dash of glamour, something easily accomplished with the addition of a sleek marble element or two. By incorporating a breathtaking green marble kitchen island and matching cook top, we were able to bring to the room a refined elegance. Exquisite Verde Tinos green marble features striking shades of deep forest green and juniper, threaded through with a delicate alabaster and sage veining. This lends a dimensionality and opulence to the space while simultaneously adding a fresh feel that enlivens this magnificent kitchen.

Dazzling marble vanities, expertly crafted from exclusive white marble, brought two of the bathrooms in this home a tasteful and harmonious feel.

 The first saw the incorporation of a timeless Calacatta Borghini marble vanity that features marble bench-tops and elegant marble drawer fronts. An ethereal backdrop of pristine white marble struck through with thick ribbons of slate-grey veining that sees nuances of taupe and gold – making it easy to see why Calacatta Borghini is one of the most sought-after natural stones in the world. This captivating piece imbues the room with an unrivalled touch of luxury and magnificence.

 A grand white marble subtly patterned with ash grey veining brings about a gentle undulation and depth, transforming this marble vanity into a focal point that astounds. Infusing the room with a sensual yet classic tone this natural stone piece brings with it stylish tranquillity. The second bathroom sees the grace and sophistication that comes with incorporating Carrara C Marble.

Refurbishing your bathroom and kitchen with natural stone is the ideal way to bring an element of grandeur and lasting elegance to your home. Marble bench tops or a marble vanity will lend your home an alluring beauty that will always be in fashion. Contact us today. Let us help you install a marble bathroom or a marble kitchen or both, with our expansive range of natural stones.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...