Dover Heights Residence

This Dover Heights residence utilises exquisite elements of top quality natural stone to incorporate an unmatched sense of sophistication and style within the home.

An artfully crafted Black Panther Onyx island creates a striking focal point in this classic kitchen. This opulent black onyx stone features tones of midnight black struck through with vibrant golden threads and undulating white veining. Combined with the intricate edging detail, it makes for a dramatically captivating piece. The meticulously integrated stone sink shows unrivalled craftsmanship in both the design and application, giving rise to a unique and elegant Onyx kitchen island.

A guest bathroom boasts a Rosso Portogallo Pink marble vanity, set in delicate shades of blush pink and salmon, threaded with ribbons of pale ash grey. The soft, subtle tones add a refined luxury to this captivating marble statement piece, enlivening the bathroom with timeless elegance.

Infusing your home with natural stone is a perfect way to add a sophisticated touch. Browse our expansive range of products and exciting projects to gain inspiration on including these beautiful work of arts in your home.



Marble is nature's gift to capture...