Point Piper Residence III

This sophisticated Point Piper home features an exquisite display of natural stone elements. Featuring walls and floors clad in the impressive Super White Dolomite/Quartzite, the guest bathroom takes on a luxuriously sensual atmosphere, subtly intoned by the cloudy grey hues and crystalline whites of this enigmatic natural stone.

The en-suite bathroom boasts an exquisite application of book-matched Arabescato Marble on both the walls and floors. Striking in design and intriguing in appearance, these mirrored sheets of stone create a captivatingly dramatic effect. A matching white marble vanity ties the room together in an exquisite culmination of soft white natural stone, struck through with smokey grey veining that infuses the space with clean sophistication and elegance.

Transformed with dazzling tones of pear, translucent grey and snow white, the kitchen delights and enchants with its green marble kitchen island. Masterfully crafted from the vibrant Verde Van Gogh marble, the benchtop provides a functional and stately focal point for this contemporary home.

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Marble is nature's gift to capture...