There are few things as functional and fashionable as a granite floor kitchen. Granite is widely used in various construction applications around and inside the home. Made from a variety of minerals including feldspar, quartz and mica, this naturally occurring rock is hard-wearing, spectacular looking and versatile in use.

So, should you install granite flooring and tiles in your kitchen? There are plenty of reasons to consider choosing granite but to help you make an informed and confident decision we’ll run through all the pros and cons of granite flooring for the home and kitchen.

Pros of a Granite Floor Kitchen

Granite Is Exceptionally Durable

Granite is among the hardiest of even natural stones. The exceptional level of durability is one of the many reasons why granite is a popular choice of material in countertops, vanities and kitchen flooring. The truth is that no stone is going to be the cheapest option for home construction and renovation, but granite is most definitely a worthy long term investment thanks to its high level of toughness and resistance to general wear and tear.

Granite Makes a Great Option for Wet Areas

Your kitchen floor–let’s face it–is going to get wet! Bathrooms and kitchens alike need a material that can stand up to moisture without being damaged or compromised. Granite tiled kitchens are very resistant to water, liquid and moisture. Of course, all stone should be sealed and maintained carefully, but with proper maintenance it can last and look great for years. Just remember to wipe up spills as quickly as you can!

Granite Tile Is A Hypoallergenic Flooring Option

One of the lesser known properties of granite is that it’s excellent for families with members who suffer from asthma and/or allergies. Due to the fact that it is easy to keep clean, it doesn’t take much to remove the common allergens found in dirt and dust from your granite floor. More hygienic and cleaner floors aren’t just a win for the allergenic family members, it’s a win for everyone!

Granite Comes In Many Styles

No two granite kitchen floors are alike! Not only is every slab of stone unique unto itself, there are also many different colours, styles, and patterns. Whether you prefer a white or grey granite tile design to match a minimalist home decor or you’re keen to go bold and colourful with a red, brown, blue or black granite, there’s absolutely something for everyone. 

Granite is Simply Beauty

Granite stone is simply beautiful. When shined to perfection granite can absolutely sparkle in just about any kitchen. Not to mention the fact that thanks to the signature granular make-up of granite, the crystalline aesthetic offers a deep and rich texture without forcing a crowded aesthetic in your kitchen. 

Cons of a Granite Floor Kitchen

Granite Tiles Are Somewhat Difficult To Install

Granite tiles in a kitchen do offer some increased level of difficulty when it comes to installation. This heavy stone may be durable but it comes with more weight as a result. Fortunately, while granite might be tricky for even the experienced DIY enthusiast, it’s not hard to find a professional installer to lay down stunning granite across your kitchen floor.

Granite Floors Need Sealing

Granite, like all natural stone, does require semi-regular resealing to ensure it’s fully protected from moisture, acid and other staining and damaging factors. While not an overly difficult procedure to arrange or costly considering the long-term durability of granite, sealing and resealing is important.

Granite Requires Maintenance to Keep Clean

Fortunately, a granite kitchen floor requires only simple and easy maintenance to keep it gorgeous and shining. Nonetheless, as we mentioned above, if something does spill across the tiles it’s important you blot and wipe up the liquid as quickly as possible. With some simple sweeping and relatively frequent mopping, your granite will look amazing!

Granite Flooring Can Be Cold

A granite floor kitchen can get a little cold to the touch, especially during the colder months of winter. On the plus side, the general Australian climate is mostly warm so even the cooler granite kitchen tiles will be suitable for kitchen floor applications. 

Granite Flooring Costs Can Be High

Granite is a highly in-demand material for use inside and outside the home. Due to the fact that it’s high quality and quarried directly from the ground and sent around the world, granite can be pricier than other kitchen flooring options. If you’re looking for a valuable long-term investment, however, it’s still well worth its price tag.

Let’s Talk Granite!

There you have it: the pros and cons to considering granite tiles. If you’re not sure whether granite is right for your home, or if you’re not sure what shade, design and colour of stunning stone will match the rest of your interior design, make sure to speak to the team here at Euro Marble.

We love to chat about all things natural stone and we’ll make sure you’re more than happy with any granite floor kitchen you choose. Call us today on (02) 8585 2999 or contact us via our website.

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