There’s simply nothing quite like a stone kitchen benchtop! Using stone in your kitchen is an excellent way to add an element of luxury and sophisticated design to your home.

Choosing however what sort of stone to use and the style in which to use it can be a bit of a daunting task. There are a lot of options in terms of stone material, aesthetic, colour and style. None of the top stone kitchen benchtop ideas we’ve assembled in this article are better or worse than the others, it’s all simply a matter of personal preference.

Stone Benchtop Materials

No matter the colour or style you like, you’ll find a stone benchtop that suits you. While all stone materials offer lots of benefits, each one is slightly different in aesthetics and functionality.


Granite benchtops are a great choice not only because they look stunning but also because they’re durable and hardy. In terms of visual aesthetic, there are a wide range of colours available, all of which incorporate granite’s signature granular style. Many people choose granite as well because it’s aesthetically complementary to wood. So, if your kitchen has wooden features, granite is a particularly great idea. We offer a wide selection of granite colours and designs, so make sure to check them all out here.


If you’re looking for a stone benchtop that wouldn’t look out of place in a luxurious mansion, then marble is the way to go! This natural stone comes in a number of styles but is iconic in its milky white veined variety. Like all natural stone, marble is resistant to scratches and stains but due to being more porous than some other materials it does require more particular maintenance (like resealing). Of course, marble is a very popular benchtop choice despite that because of its immense wow factor. If you’d like to view our marble options, click here.


As one of the hardest minerals on the planet, quartzite is a great idea for your kitchen benchtop if it’s likely to see a lot of action. Unlike marble, the less porous nature of quartzite means it offers a more hygienic and stain-resistant solution, which is a huge plus for kitchens in particular. For the same reason, quartzite doesn’t need to be resealed continuously making it a smart financial investment in the long run. As far as benchtop options go, quartzite is one of the greener option available. Due to the relatively environmentally friendly manufacturing process, if you’re particularly climate conscious you should definitely consider using quartzite.

Travertine and Limestone

There are a number of great benefits in using travertine or limestone for your kitchen benchtop. They’re among the more affordable of natural stone materials, so you don’t have to give up on your dreams for natural stone even if you’re price conscious. From a style perspective, the warm and natural tones of both of these materials is produced by the unique manner in which these stones are formed under water. With regular maintenance, both a travertine and limestone kitchen will last you for many years to come. Have a look at our website for more information about these unique natural stones.


There’s a good reason why onyx is one of the most precious materials for kitchen benchtops and it’s not just its higher price. With a range of styles from Black Panther to Cappuccino, onyx will astound guests and elevate your home like no other material. Often used for jewellery, more and more house architects and designers are incorporating onyx in homes due to its combination of natural stone hardiness and unique richness. There are factors to consider with onyx in addition to the price though. You’ll need to ensure that the pre-existing setting and support in your home will be able to bear an onyx kitchen benchtop. If you want to see some examples of what onyx has to offer, click here.

Engineered Stone

Comprised mainly of quartz, and inheriting its hardiness and durability, engineered stone differs from natural stone in the fact that it is man-made. However, engineered stone is a great idea for your stone kitchen benchtop nonetheless. For one, it’s non-porousness makes it particularly resistant to stains and scratches, and is a very hygienic option for the kitchen. Engineered stone is also more customisable in terms of shape, size and style due to the fact that it’s manufactured in a factory rather than quarried from the ground. For the same reason engineered stone is also the most environmentally friendly of the stone options due to the reduced waste and energy required in its production.

Stone Benchtop Styles

Once you’ve chosen the type of material you want for your kitchen you can customise the actual shape and style of the benchtop itself. While the style may be affected by the stone you choose and your kitchen may only be suited to certain designs, here’s some of the top ideas for you to consider.

Waterfall Edge Stone Benchtop Island

The waterfall benchtop design is an elegant style choice. Whether you choose marble, graphite or engineered stone, the sight of your beautiful stone benchtop “flowing” over the edge and down the side will be a visual treat that will delight you and your guests every time you see it.

Waterfall Edge Stone Benchtop Island 1
Waterfall Edge Stone Benchtop Island

Solid Stone Benchtop Island

The minimalist style of the solid stone benchtop island is a striking and bold choice for modern homes. The simplicity is extremely appealing visually and though there are practical limitations to using it (don’t try incorporate kitchen stools!), if this benchtop kitchen idea is a style that appeals to you, then you won’t regret it!

Solid Stone Benchtop Island
Solid Stone Benchtop Island

 Wraparound Stone Slab Benchtop

More traditionally designed kitchens can be completely transformed with the simple incorporation of a wraparound stone slab benchtop. A light stone top can brighten the entire kitchen and a highly styled or richly coloured stone can elevate your kitchen to true magnificence.  

Wraparound Stone Slab Benchtop
Wraparound Stone Slab Benchtop

Illuminated Cladding Stone Benchtop

This style of stone benchtop is both unique and striking. Incorporating a cladding application, which involves the layering of stone on the outside of the bench, the additional illuminating feature makes this style truly stand out. Of course, not everyone will prefer this level of customisation and indulgence, but if you love entertaining and need that X-factor, this could well be for you.

Illuminated Cladding Stone Benchtop
Illuminated Cladding Stone Benchtop


There are a ton of stone benchtop ideas for your kitchen and we’ve barely scratched the surface! For more information about stone benchtops, check out our materials breakdown, our cleaning guide or get in touch with us today.

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