Mostly used for feature walls, skylights, bar tops and an alternative to conventional windows, stone on glass uses natural or artificial lighting to create a striking visual effect with thin slabs of translucent marble.

As an interior feature, the stone slabs are reinforced by a layer of laminated glass on one side. For exterior use, the translucent stone is reinforced on both sides by laminated glass, with one side needed for mechanical assistance and the other for safeguarding the stone against the natural environment. We then work with specialists to implement the lighting technology for both interior and exterior applications.

Due to weight bearing issues, typical panel sizes are restricted to 2m x 1m x 15mm +/- 2mm.

Stone on glass is extremely popular within the commercial sector due to its visual “wow” factor. Our clients include Star City Casino (fit-out of the High Rollers Bar), Hoyt’s Entertainment China Town (feature wall) and the University of NSW Roundhouse (bar top feature).