Castlereagh Street Foyer

This project was a particularly unique one where we were presented with the opportunity to apply a specialized technique to create translucent stone. In the heart of Sydney’s CBD, housing barristers and legal professionals stood this building in need of a creative yet illuminated street foyer. A thin layer of Golden Spider Marble was laminated onto glass sheets, producing an enigmatically bright marble background.

Pioneered by us, translucent stone is created by milling marble, granite or limestone to only a few millimeters and then laminating to a rigid clear backing. Transmitting light through stone creates an incredibly striking focal point but could previously only be achieved with a few natural stones, like Onyx. With this new technique, we’ve expanded your palette of translucent stones, enabling you to create an endless array of incredible visual effects when displaying a seamless wall of impressively illumined natural stone.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...