Mosman Residence

The Mosman Residence brief seemed simple, create a home that would not be upstaged by what is framed by its wall-to-wall windows. But taking into account that this home enjoys spectacular views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the brief suddenly seems a little more challenging.

Fashioned after the glamorous backlit bar in LA’s Beverly Wilshire Hotel, illuminated White Onyx was selected to form the show-stopping, massive luminescent bar. The centrepiece of the entertaining hub of this stately home is an exquisite expression of the individual style and taste of the owners.

Every opportunity to capture light has been maximised in this four-storey home, beautifully complemented by the light translucent facade of the radiant White Onyx.

Onyx’s vibrant and rich colouring has made it an extremely popular choice for carvings, architectural accents and even jewellery. If your design brief includes taking away everyone’s breath when they enter your home, onyx stone is the perfect counterpart to fulfil your dreams.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...