Marble has been used in interior construction and design for a long time. From kitchen benchtops and splashbacks to flooring and feature walls, the versatility of marble has only added to its popularity. But marble is not just for residential properties either. Hotels, restaurants and even business offices all utilise marble to create an exquisite sense of wonder for visitors. 

As the experts in marble with over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of marble applications

“Marble is nature’s gift to capture attention, 

and we believe our craftsmanship will capture yours.”

We’ve listed the top 5 practical and design related benefits of marble stairs.

Benefit 1 – Elegant Aesthetic

Staircases need to be very practical additions to a home because, naturally, they connect different levels of a house. There’s no reason, however, why your stairs shouldn’t make a strong, well-considered fashion statement as well. 

The sheer beauty and magnificence of marble inside a home is breathtaking. If you’re looking to add a sense of royal luxury, this stunning natural stone is a bold and excellent choice. The distinctive veining of marble has become iconic and symbolic of high sophistication. Whether you love the classic milky tones of White Marble or one of the many other shades available, marble is simply unique.

The other important design aspect to take into consideration is the material being used elsewhere in your home. Glass, metal, wood, concrete–you’ll need to match your stairs to your entire interior style to ensure it doesn’t look out of place. Luckily, marble can perfectly complement a number of other materials.

Benefit 2 – Structural Hardiness

A beautiful staircase that doesn’t hold up is simply no good.

The great thing about marble is that it’s a natural stone which means it has a high level of strength and offers reliable hardiness. It makes for a very stable staircase material that is resistant to both external factors, such as shock or mechanical damage, and the bumps and knocks that are naturally going to occur thanks to wear and tear. 

Your stairs are going to be subject to a lot of foot traffic, so durability is key. Marble is a wonderful option for durability and, when well maintained, is a smart long-term investment.

Benefit 3 – Range of Choice

What do you picture in your mind when you hear the word “marble”? Something like this:

Most people do! It’s the classic, beautiful off-white and veiny design that’s found in Italian Marble, one of the finest in the world.

But that’s not the entirety of the colours available in marble stone. Marble comes in an enormous range of colours, shades and even styles. White, black, gold, red, pink, brown, red, blue… You can check them all out here. This fantastic style range offers a great breadth of choice to find the perfect marble for your staircase that will elevate your home.

Benefit 4 – Easy To Clean

Just because marble is widely used in palaces and mansions, doesn’t mean that its maintenance requires the royal treatment. Caring and cleaning your marble staircase is simple and easy to do: light and regular wiping with a clean wet cloth will do the trick!

For more intensive cleans, you can use a pH neutral soap or cleaning detergent. Regular cleaning and even the occasional polish will keep your stairs gleaming like the day it was installed.  The only thing to bear in mind is that harsh chemical detergents can damage your marble stone, so make sure not to use anything with high acidity.

Resealing is another option for ensuring that your marble stairs maintain their beauty and strength. While this doesn’t need to be done often, it does require a professional touch.

Benefit 5 – Style & Value Longevity

Designing the interior of a home can become a balancing act between what you want today and what you’ll want tomorrow. Very bold style decisions can become outdated and go out of fashion as the years roll on.

Marble, on the other hand, boasts an everlasting aesthetic style. Marble stairs won’t look out of place today or in a decade, which is one of the reasons why many builders and designers incorporate marble stone throughout a home.

Whether you’re planning on moving on to another house and looking to resell or stay in a forever home, marble staircases will only add to the value of your property and maintain that value–financially and stylistically–long into the future.

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