When it comes to renovating your kitchen or designing a new one, finding the right granite kitchen countertop is a must. After all, the kitchen countertop doesn’t just need to be a functional centre piece to the room but it also presents a very important opportunity to infuse a sense of luxury and aesthetic style. 

What is Granite?

Granite is one of the most hardy of the natural stones. Unique in its crystalline aesthetic, granite is granular in nature which makes it a very distinctive-looking construction material as well as extremely practical.

There are plenty of reasons to choose granite for kitchen countertops. For one, its durability and resistant nature makes it perfect for the high amounts of activity that goes on in the kitchen. Plus, being simple to maintain and keep clean, your granite countertop will be as easy on the eye as it is easy to maintain.

But there are so many style-related options in granite kitchen countertops that it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you, here’s a list of some of the top countertop ideas for using granite in your kitchen. 

Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Colours

  1. Blue Granite

If you’re considering using granite for your kitchen countertop you might want to consider the different colours available. Blue granite is an excellent way to infuse a vibrant  feature colour into your home. The truth is that despite the name, blue granite slabs actually contain multiple colours and its granular structure will make for a really jaw-dropping addition to the kitchen. 

  1. Light Granite

When people tend to think of off-white and light coloured stone it’s understandable why their minds go immediately to the iconic marble. Granite, however, comes in a range of shades including the luxurious Taj Mahal. Light coloured granite kitchen countertops give you all the practical benefits of granite with the simplistic elegance of lighter stone.

  1. Black Granite

If you have a white kitchen already and want a granite countertop that will anchor the entire design and really impress visitors, black granite is the way to go. There are even different shades of black and, coupled with the granular aesthetic of granite, makes for an arresting visual depth and moodiness. 

  1. Feature Colour

Aside from the more classic off-whites, blacks and even blues, granite comes in a wide range of other colours such as red, turquoise, green and multi-coloured. While not for everyone, a feature kitchen countertop made from an eye-catchingly coloured granite stone slab can be a powerful choice.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Style

  1. Solid Slab

Stone countertops, including granite benchtops, come in a variety of styles. One of the increasingly common designs includes solid stone slabs that can be installed in a variety of shapes to suit your aesthetic. Solid countertops provide a bold central statement around which you can design the rest of your kitchen. 

Even solid countertops themselves can be further customised depending on your particular preference. In fact, there are three different types of surface patterns to choose from: solid, marbled and speckled. 

Marbled Granite Stone

The marbled pattern incorporates streaks and textures of colours throughout. This provides visual variety in shading as well as colours and adds a real level of depth to the slab without being overwhelming. 

Speckled Granite Stone

Speckled countertops are great for adding vibrancy and texture to an otherwise bland-looking room. Paired with simple kitchen appliances and monochromatic cabinetry, the speckled granite will stand out and look a real treat.

Glossy Granite Stone

Glossy granite countertops are particularly excellent for reflecting light across the room and making the entire kitchen feel that much larger and more spacious. Easy to maintain and clean for long lasting sparkling, glossy countertops are a popular choice for practical and design reasons. 

  1. Stone Tiles

The alternative to a single slab of stone is to install multiple granite tiles with visible but not particularly noticeable grout lines. There are a few benefits to incorporating a tiled granite kitchen countertop.

  1. The lightweight tiles are easier (and require less labour) to install.
  2. The tiles themselves are cheaper to purchase than a single, solid slab. 
  3. There’s more versatility in design for your kitchen benchtop.
  4. You can achieve a great sense of visual depth with a nicely patterned stone tile.

Granite Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Edging

7. Eased Edges

Eased edging is a simple and elegant design for just about any granite kitchen countertop. Stunning and clean, it is particularly suitable for modern or minimalist homes. 

8. Beveled Edges

Beveled edging is a popular option for granite countertops. The increased level of detailing compared to eased edging gives the countertop a certain level of business and yet still retains elegance and sophistication. There are a variety of types of beveled edging options including the sharpness of the angle, the direction of the edge flowing and more. 

9. Curved Edges

Curved edges offer much of the same practicality and simplicity of eased edges but with a softer curving to soften the overall look. If you simply love the flowing aesthetic of a softly curved edge, it will make your granite kitchen countertop simply gorgeous to look at. 

Choose Euro Marble for Your Kitchen Granite

Whether you’re fitting out a white kitchen with granite countertops or a rustic kitchen, the team at Euro Marble can help. We’ll find the perfect slab of stone, from colour to sizing, to suit all of your preferences and needs. Ready to find granite for your kitchen countertop? Contact us today or come into our showroom!

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