An accent wall offers home designers the perfect opportunity to experiment with new materials, different colours and bold visual statements. For some people, the thought of incorporating bright colour to a monochrome interior is too much to handle. For others, they might want to try to mix and match different design styles without the commitment.

Either way you can add a splash of flair and different styling to your home by making the most of an accent wall.

What is an accent wall?

Sometimes called a feature wall, an accent wall refers to one wall in a room that is different to all the others. It might differ in terms of colour, shade, material or patterns. 

Why use an accent wall?

The real benefit is that it allows you to experiment with different designs without having to commit the entirety of your home’s interior to the style. Nonetheless a thoughtful and considered accent wall can really glam up your home in more ways than one.

Accent Wall Design Ideas

To help get your mental design cogs whirring and twirling we’ve listed a number of wonderful accent wall design ideas for you to consider.

Patterned Wallpaper

There’s no end to the types of wallpaper out there. Stripes, patterns, floral designs – you name it, it exists. Using a patterned wallpaper on your accent wall will help you add a bit of depth and sophistication to a living area or bedroom without risking overwhelming the space with too much business. 

Natural Stone

Is there anything more glorious and magnificent than a wall of natural stone? Whether you love the royal sophistication of marble wall, the rich complexity of granite or the earthy tones of limestone, a natural stone accent wall is an effective, not to mention affordable, way to infuse natural stone in your house.

Natural Stone accent wall 1

Bright and Bold Colour

We know, we know. You love the idea of adding some bright yellow paint to a wall to make the entire room light up. You’re intrigued by the thought of a deep red colour scheme or a nature-inducing green shaded design style.

The great part of accent walls is that you can incorporate some bright and bold colours and shades without turning your entire house red, blue or green! Keeping colour to one wall of a room ensures you won’t suddenly feel overwhelmed by the addition of colour. 

Keep It Low-Key

Incorporating an accent wall doesn’t have to mean floor to ceiling changes. There are plenty of low-key accent wall ideas that will still transform a space. You could paint the trims of your wall, doors or windows to break up the style and infuse a bit of colour.

If your wall has moldings or casings you could paint those as well. Small additions of colour to a wall can make the entire area pop and truly come to life.

Add A Mirror

Mirrors are well known devices used by interior designers to make a room feel much bigger. The reflections in a mirror can open up the space tremendously. If you want to turn a bland wall of your home into an accent wall why not go all out with a glamorously detailed or ornately framed mirror?

It will make the room seem larger and your home will suddenly seem classier and more sophisticated in its ornamental design aesthetic as well. 

Neon Signage

A neon-lit sign might not make sense for all interior applications but if you love the singular visual of a neon lit sign it’s a great way to break up an otherwise monotonous wall. What can you pair it with?

A textured, grey-shaded wall will look absolutely stunning as a backdrop to a bright and coloured neon sign.

Rough Stones

You don’t have to go the seamless stone slab route if you love natural stone. Hefty sized and roughly cut rectangular blocks can make for an awesome looking accent wall. Full of texture and depth, it’ll cause jaws to drop every time. 

Exposed Brick

Rustic-looking, an exposed brick wall is increasingly in popularity. Evoking emotions of homeliness and comfort, this is one accent wall design idea that will certainly transform your home. 

Incorporating Wood

There are many shades and types of wood, and an equal number of ways and patterns to incorporate it. Wooden planks, both light and dark toned, can be used quite effectively as a  feature wall. Grooved  or paneled wood for example, much like exposed brick and rough-cut stones, brings a change of colour and texture.

Black Bedroom Accent Wall

A black accent wall? Sound too much? Don’t worry!

A black, bold wall in a well lit bedroom can actually make the space seem opulent and appealing.

Particularly when paired with light or white bedding and linen. If you’re not sold on the plain black aesthetic, try a paneled accent wall to break up the plain darkness and you can even incorporate a line of LED strip lights. 

Royal Purple Bedroom Accent Wall

Staying in the bedroom for a moment, purple has long been a colour associated with nobility and royalty. If you want your bedroom to be oozing with luxury you could incorporate a deep purple accent wall.

Tiles and Patterns

Subway tiles, beehive designs, herringbone, pinwheel, grid, staggered brick…

The types of patterns you can use on a feature wall are never ending! Particularly good for bare bathrooms that need a bit of a spruce up, a tiled and patterned wall can bring a previously plain room to life.

Neutral Accent Wall

Okay, okay – you want an accent wall but don’t want to go big or bold (yet). A subtle, neutral coloured accent wall is a great option. It adds a sense of sophistication and depth to your room without risking a bold or bright colour, or material. 

Want more accent wall ideas?

Euro Marble may be the leading supplier and experts on all things natural stone, but we also boast an unrivalled knowledge of and experience with accent walls of all types.

Our friendly team are always happy to have a casual chat about what options you have when deciding how to feature an accent wall in your home. So don’t wait, get in touch with us today.

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