Granite is a highly sought-after benchtop material due to its robust and durable properties. Using granite benchtops in a commercial or residential application is a sound investment, especially if they are heavily used. Granite can stand the test of time in terms of both durability and aesthetics.

If you have decided to venture down the path of a granite in one, two or multiple rooms throughout your residence, then there is some basic information you must know when purchasing the material. Below we look at several factors that will affect granite prices:

  1. Size of the slab. If you purchase the material from a wholesaler, regardless of you much you actually need, you will be charged the entire slab. This will result in a lot of wasted money and material that does not get used. Be sure that you visit a combined supplier and fabricator to ensure that you only pay for what you need to use.

Antarctic Granite Via Euro Marble

  1. Colour. The stones which have a common shade of green, brown, tan and red are often more economical as there is an abundance of supply and they are readily available to source worldwide. There are many granites however that are rarely quarried and difficult to source that bear a steeper price tag. Some of these stones include: Azul Bahia and Lapis Blue.
  1. Sourcing and Availability. Granite can be found in a wide range of continents from South America to Africa with the region playing a big role in the price of the material. Some quarries are also seasonal meaning that they only quarry out the stone throughout certain months of the year. For this reason, it is vital to always plan ahead and be flexible with lead times.

Granite Quarry, Tunisia

So always plan ahead when shopping for a granite. By considering the above factors when purchasing, you are sure to know what you’ll be paying and how to properly source the most appropriate material. Visit our granite page of our material portfolio to get an understanding of our granite materials that we stock or even stop by our factory and showroom in Marrickville Sydney and speak to our knowledgeable stone professionals about finding the right product for your design intent.

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