Marble Bathroom: Is It The Right Material For You?

Marble is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious of all the natural stones. Its unique veining along with its spectacular colours and finishes make it a real focal point of any room which it adorns. While many people think of kitchens when they think of marble, it has also become increasingly popular in bathrooms, both here in Sydney and around the world. However, many of our customers are unsure about how suitable a marble bathroom is for them, so below we have outlined some pros and cons of using marble for your bathroom project:

Quick Background of Marble
If you’re reading this article it’s likely that you’re considering marble for your bathroom and as such you have a basic understanding of marble and its qualities. However, if you aren’t so familiar with the stone, marble is quote a porous stone which means it absorbs liquids quickly unless properly sealed and maintained. Marble is most renowned for its striking and totally unique veins which run through it, some of which can be extremely pronounced. No two pieces of marble will ever be the same, which is quite remarkable really!

Advantages of Marble in a Bathroom
Marble is a soft stone which means it’s easy to work with. The benefits of this are that you can choose to have entire marble slabs in your bathroom or smaller marble tiles depending on your individual preference. While some people opt for porcelain tiles in their bathrooms as a substitute for marble, nothing will have the wow factor like the real thing. If properly sealed, maintained and cared for, your marble bathroom should still look incredible for many years to come.

Disadvantages of Marble Bathrooms
As mentioned, marble is a very porous stone which means that moisture can enter it easily, indicating potential risks when used in a wet and humid environment like a bathroom. Products such as make-up or hair dye could seep into the stone if not correctly sealed causing discolouration. Even water which is absorbed could have an adverse effect on the stone. Marble also runs the risk of being etched by acidic products so you will need to be judicious about which cleaning products and even which lotions, gels and shampoos etc you use in a marble bathroom, to prevent adverse reactions with the marble tiles or slabs. If there are young children regularly using the bathroom, this can be more of an issue.

These are just some points about using marble as the natural stone in your bathroom project. To discuss all your options and whether marble is right for you, drop into our Sydney showroom today or give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you an honest and expert opinion!

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