Using jet black granite in your commercial project may just be the wow factor you’re looking for. Granite and other natural stones come in a variety of different colours but black offers a unique aesthetic, a powerful impact and a special feel when used in construction, architecture and interior design.

Black granite is among the most popular stones in home and office designs and, due to its durability and luxury look. Suitable for traditional and modern decors, jet black granite oozes sophistication and power with a combined elegant etherealness few other materials offer. 

Knowing just how to use jet black granite in your commercial project for a wow factor however is certainly very important as you can both overdo it or under-sell it.

What is jet black granite?

Black granite is a natural stone that’s been used in construction for thousands and thousands of years. It offers numerous valuable properties, including being particularly reflective of the sun. Available both in tiles and slabs, this dense material is used in a variety of applications in both residential homes and apartments and commercial offices and workspaces. 

Jet black granite is the darkest black colour granite comes in. This pure black variation is also becoming increasingly common. Often referred to as absolute black, pitch black, or Nero Assoluto jet black granite looks refined, high end and exquisite. 

Why choose jet black granite?

You don’t choose a stone material like jet black granite unless you want to make a bold statement. Whether used internally or as part of the exterior, jet black granite stands out and can be a positively arresting image that will draw the eye and certainly impress. 

Modern, sleek and utterly luxurious, jet black granite provides a striking look to elevate just about any space or area with a unique, bespoke aesthetic. That’s not it though: black as a colour and black granite as a material are not bound by fluctuations in fashion. This is one style that won’t fade or look dated ever. 

A big selling point of black granite is that it’s versatile in its complementary design in both colour and texture. Much like clothing styles, black matches, blends and suits just about any other design. Subtle uses of jet black granite can enhance the other colours already incorporated in the surrounding area and it can stand out as its own feature. Inside, outside, floors, countertops, wall cladding… There are  numerous applications for both commercial and residential spaces.

Moreover, black granite requires very little by way of maintenance. Resistant to heat and water, it’s a durable and easy to clean material that will not only last but look great for a long time.

How do you use jet black granite in a commercial project? 

Black as a colour works best when incorporated in minimalist colour combinations and in conjunction with hard yet smooth design lines. When you’re putting together the design for your commercial project you’ll probably be thinking about whether you want to go traditional and opulent, modern and innovative, industrial and striking, or contemporary yet understated. No matter what impression you’re aiming to achieve in your commercial space, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate jet black granite.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are understandably most commonly associated with residential homes. As commercial spaces and offices become more and more accustomed to incorporating home-like elements, like end-of-journey features or lounge/breakout areas, the commercial kitchen is becoming equally more important. A badly designed kitchen can stick out like a sore thumb in an office or commercial kitchen space. 

A polished countertop will add both a sense of depth and versatile colour without requiring you to redesign or rearrange the rest of the space. Jet black granite matches stainless steel perfectly as well, which is why it makes for a great commercial option.

Office bathrooms

Commercial bathrooms can be a sticky issue design-wise. Black granite allows for professionalism in design and yet sophistication in aesthetic in a part of the office that is often neglected and yet used by everyone every day. 

On a practical note, granite is impressively resistant to heat, water, and humidity, so incorporating jet black granite is a win-win option. One important thing to note is that many commercial bathrooms don’t have windows or if they do they’re opaque and block natural sunlight. Bear in mind how much natural sunlight gets in and how strong the electrical lighting is when designing the bathroom.


When it comes to creating a “wow” factor this is as bold as it gets. Black-coloured floors can add a sense of intensity to a commercial space while still ensuring a sense of richness and vitality. Commercial spaces are often designed to impress newcomers, visitors, clients or customers and nothing will make an impression like gleaming jet black flooring. Much like the bathroom option, it’s recommended that you keep the black granite flooring to spaces beside large windows with plenty of sunlight. 

Feature walls

A common design component of modern offices and commercial spaces is a feature wall to both break up monotone aesthetics and add a sense of character. There are lots of options for feature walls but nothing quite screams high-class, impressive professionalism like a subtle yet striking jet black granite feature wall. These walls can feature in both open plan offices, in a private office or even as a backdrop for bathrooms, kitchens or lunch rooms.

Outdoor cladding

So far this list has been focused largely on internal design options for your commercial space. There’s no reason to confine jet black granite inside. Your outdoor wall cladding offers a tremendous canvas upon which to add a wow factor. Jet black granite looks absolutely stunning in direct, natural sunlight and it won’t look worn or tacky when exposed to the inevitable dust or water.

If your commercial space is near a thoroughfare or exposed to traffic, jet black granite will be a head-turning feature to help put your business in front of more and more passing people. It’s a surefire way to stand out in public. 

Let’s talk all things jet black granite

If it’s not clear by this point it’s worth mentioning that jet black granite is astoundingly versatile in application and magnificent as an aesthetic design. We know that some people are hesitant when it comes to the boldness of black natural stone but are still curious as to how black granite can be used to bring a real wow factor to their commercial project. If you’d like to find out more about this amazing material, get in touch with our marble-loving team today.

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