Camilla & Marc

With two successful boutiques, Camilla & Marc elected to launch their third store in Sydney, set in Melbourne’s CBD. As iconic fashion boutiques and beautiful marble stone seem to go hand in hand, Calacatta Manhattan and Arabescato Marble were used to accentuate the exclusivity of this stylish space.

The grand front facade was dressed in the sophisticated Calacatta Manhattan, setting the scene for this glamorous boutique. In synergy with their signature style, splashes of Arabescato marble perfectly complement the fresh interior of French panelling and flooring. The stylish Arabescato marble adorns the reception and POS counter, with the feature wall adding a beautiful luminance to showcase accessories.

Conveying both light and life, Calacatta Marble seems to have been created for the primary purpose of adding a touch of luxury and exclusivity to every space it inhabits. As the perfect counterpart to any design, which Calacatta Marble will you choose for your next project?


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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