Pymble Residence

At the Pymble Residence, we concentrated on marble flooring to add subtle elegance throughout the home. Gracing the floor at the home’s front entry, Hermes marble, and Grigio Perla marble, were crafted into an elegantly sleek design. The alabaster white of Hermes marble beautifully accentuates the thick ribbons of silver and pewter, further creating a striking effect when combined with the charcoal grey Grigio Perla border design.

An alluringly refreshed look is achieved with full marble flooring in the main living room, adding an enchanting luminance to the entire living area.

Placing marble inlays, or full marble flooring instantly lifts and invigorates the space it inhabits. With an endless array of beautiful marbles, in almost any shade imaginable, you will be sure to find the one that perfectly suits your home. Start the exciting process of upgrading your home, contact us today to discuss your design.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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