Woollahra Residence

The Woollahra residence was planned around a courtyard and fully optimised for disabled access. A series of skylights and clerestory windows allow natural light to spill into the home, giving rise to a beautiful naturally derived illuminance. All the natural stones were chosen to perfectly blend in with the neutral coloured theme, creating a subdued, calming atmosphere.

The rich honey-gold hue of the Cappuccino Onyx splash back lends a smooth, creamy finish to the simplistic kitchen, and perfectly complements the wood clad kitchen island. Calacatta Manhattan marble further enhances the elegance of the home with the fully cladded walls and floor of the minimalistic en-suite bathroom. Calacatta Manhattan Marble proves versatile in its application, as the subtle grey, pale green and cream veining blends in easily with a broad range of colour palettes.

When choosing an Onyx splash back for your kitchen, you’ll be amazed at the exciting shades at your disposal. From the exotic Jade Green Onyx, through to the spectacular Onyx Fantastico, your kitchen will be transformed into an artwork to be enjoyed every, single, day.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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