Intermezzo Restorante

Sydney’s Intermezzo Bar & Restaurant embraces Italian Renaissance architecture, to provide the ultimate Italian dining experience. Port Laurent Marble was the ideal natural stone choice with its classically rich, dark-brown appearance, enhanced by the delicate gold and white crisscrossed veins.

Marking the entrance to this opulent restaurant is a stately wall cladded in the luxurious Port Laurent marble. This exquisite marble further dresses not just the bar facade, but also adorns the kitchen prep counter, lending a simplistic finessed air to this fine dining establishment.

Creating an elegant minimalistic look can easily be achieved by carefully selecting specific natural stones, and matching them up with 2 or more features in a room. Matching your marble bar to your marble benchtops, for instance, creates a continual flow of elegance throughout your entire room. To start your design journey, explore our website and be inspired by your limitless natural stone options!