Many different components of a house really make it a home. Each room has its own focal point. When it comes to the kitchen, it’s the stone kitchen benchtops that can make this hub of the home stand out. These come in several different textures, as well as multiple colours and patterns. They also come in different price ranges, which can be determined with the use of a stone benchtop price estimator. Going with a stone kitchen benchtop should be done by making an informed decision.

Why Choose Stone for Your Benchtop?

Stone is a favourite material for benchtops because the material is easy to maintain and simply beautiful to look at. Another advantage is the selection of stone that can be made that can include marble or engineered stone along with several other options. These all come with different costs, so using a stone benchtop price estimator will help determine which fits in with your budget the best.

What You Should Consider When Buying Stone Benchtops

Different types of stone kitchen benchtops have different qualities. Some material may be more durable, and some may be heat resistant or even scratch-resistant. Whenever you are out shopping for stone benchtops, you need to imagine your own family situation. Will any kids be running around spilling staining agents onto your new stone benchtop? Or maybe you live away from your children so you can have something like an eye-catching marble benchtop which you won’t have to worry about maintaining or repairing.

Before going in, it is good that you have an oversight of what you’re planning to do cost-wise, as a stone benchtop can make a dent in your budget. However, if you are ready to invest a little more in creating your ideal space, it will definitely be worth it as you will have a new extravagant centrepiece to your home.

Stone Benchtops Price Guide

When it comes to the cost of building a stone benchtop, bulk of the pricing comes down to the material itself as it usually accounts for 30 to 60% of your final product price per square meter. Different types of stone material have different pricing, and it usually depends on the rarity. Let us look at some premium stones and also some common marbles and their pricing to help you estimate your budget.

Crema Marfil

The Crema Marfil has a creamy beige texture that has soft veins ranging from white, yellow, orange, to cinnamon. It has a pale yet warm colour palette, adds a touch of elegance and is pleasing to the eyes. The subtlety of the colour palette also makes for flexibility as can be suitable for the most modern of homes or even the most classic of spaces that just require that natural touch.

You can find the Crema Marfil material from $450 to $500 per square meter and this does not include installation and cutting.

Carrara Marble

The Carrara is one of the most common types of Italian marble, aptly named after the region that it originates. It has a grey background with light grey vein displays that alternates between vivid and feathery lines. Sometimes, the stone can also appear a more blue-grey colour.

The Carrara Marble can cost between $450 to $550 excluding installation and fabrication fees.

Calacatta Borghini

The Calacatta Borghini is unique to say the least. It is a milky white marble that has unique dark grey veiny displays that also occasionally comes with gold or taupe undertones. This material is perfect to add a touch of elegance to any room and boost its value.

Calacatta Borghini is a premium marble so you can expect the price to also be of the same standard. You can find it from $1,500 to $1,700 per square meter without installation and cutting.

Calacatta Extra

If you feel like going a little more extra, the Calacatta Extra will bring your kitchen the extra gleam that it needs. This material does cost a little more than the Calacatta Borghini, however, and the prices usually vary according to supply and demand.


Granite is great if you are looking for something low maintenance and durable, yet still stunning and gorgeous. Granite benchtops will cost you an estimate between $250 to $550 per square meter including installations.

Other Benchtop Prices

Engineered Stone Benchtops

Engineered stone kitchen benchtops cost around $400 to $600 per square meter, including installations. Natural stone is usually sold per slab like Caesarstone which comes in slabs of 3000mm x 1400mm.

Laminate Benchtops

Laminate benchtops are your least expensive option as you can pay as little as $120 per square meter if you are on a tight budget, to as much as $350 for a more premium surface. A stone benchtops price estimator will allow you to make some quick price comparisons.

Timber Benchtops

Timber benchtops are also a great option if you want to save money and still use something natural. Bamboo is the cheapest timber you can find for as low as $350 per square meter. For other types of hardwood timber, expect to shell out around $600 to $1,200 per square meter.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

Stainless steel is traditionally used in more commercial settings. They can cost up to $950 per square meter to build.

Using a stone benchtops price estimator can help you effectively plan out your budget for the whole project. Including installation and cut out fees, you should get a ballpark price range. However, one great tip is always to overestimate so that you can use your budget comfortably.

FAQs About Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Which stone is best for kitchen benchtops?

Granite is a popular choice for kitchen benchtops due to its durability, heat, stain, and scratch resistance. You can put anything hot or heavy and drag it over granite, and it will not leave a scratch.

Are stone benchtops worth it?

Yes, stone benchtops are worth it due to its long-lasting, durability, and low maintenance. Today, you can even find reasonably priced engineered stone benchtops if you do not have the budget for more expensive natural stone like granite or marble. Although stone benchtops can be very expensive, a stone benchtop price estimator can help you to plan your project effectively.

How much does a new kitchen benchtop cost?

How much you might end up spending on a kitchen benchtop heavily depends on what material you want it to be. Example of a very popular natural stone material is granite, where you can be looking to spend between $250 and $1,700 per square meter, including installations. Since marble requires more work for special cut-outs for sinks and cooktops, you might even need to add another $250 for cut out costs.

Is it time for a new change for your home? What can you do to add value to your kitchen? You can begin by relying on Euro Marble to provide you with all the wonderful choices for your benchtop. They will utilize a stone benchtop price estimator based on your wants and needs to provide you with the pricing options that they can offer you. Once you have made your choice, you can feel confident in not only getting the best price but the best in quality and production for your new kitchen benchtop.

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