Upgrading your kitchen is a sure-fire way of investing in the future value of your home.

But although a complete kitchen renovation can be an incredibly exciting adventure, it can also be a costly and lengthy exercise. If time and money isn’t an object, it’s always preferable to start afresh and reconsider almost every kitchen element.

If you’re on a very tight budget or can’t part with your kitchen for a few weeks, then changing up your benchtops pack the biggest punch of kitchen upgrades.

Natural stone benchtops add instant sophistication to your home and among the vast selection, there are plenty of affordable options! But although a myriad of possibilities is exciting, it can be quite daunting to make a final selection.

That’s why we’ve done the homework for you and present the top natural stone benchtops you should consider, including a specific stone recommendation in each variety!

The No-fuss Yet Striking Benchtop

Quartzite comes out a winner in many categories, especially in the low-maintenance department.

If you spend days on end in your kitchen, rustling up one scrumptious treat after the other, a quartzite benchtop is ideal.

Being non-porous makes quartzite one of the easiest to maintain benchtops while also being a more cost-effective option upon installation. Coupled with its durability and aesthetics comparable to marble, this stone promises incredible value.

Superwhite Quartzite

Transform your kitchen into a smouldering show-stopper with our Superwhite Quartzite’s elegant facade. You’re bound to fall in love with the magnificent mix of silver-grey, chiffon white, and splashes of smokey grey perfection.

The Ultra-luxurious Benchtop

Few things in life boast such inherent palatial qualities as marble. The Taj Mahal and Statue of David are just 2 examples that beautifully show off marble’s regal nature.

Together with each marble stone’s uniqueness and the burst of colour variations available, it’s hard to beat the luxury of marble benchtops.

With a tad of tender loving care, your marble benchtops will provide decades of decadence.

Verde Tinos Marble

Marble’s captivating nature is on full display in the enigmatic emerald, juniper and pine green facade of Verde Tinos. Inviting graceful green marble benchtops into your kitchen will create a striking impression to infuse every day with bold, unapologetic charm.

The Evergreen Benchtop

Granite has long since been a favourite benchtop choice and when you admire all the variants, it’s easy to see why! When polished to perfection, the attractive granular and crystalline facade adds a delightful sheen that beautifully showcases Granite’s magnificence.

Its naturally hard composition promises a life-time of sophisticated service when coupled with proper maintenance.

Turquoise Green Granite

Installing Turquoise Green Granite benchtops in your kitchen is a stylish statement that you’ll never regret! Dramatic yet elegant, frosty yet vibrant, it’s spectacular facade is bound to be a fascinating talking point at many a dinner party.

Although we’ve highlighted only 3 magnificent stones, any home could benefit from our range of over 150 natural stones. Whether you’re after demure elegance or dramatic flair, mother nature has made an incredible variety available, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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