Your kitchen countertop offers a wonderful opportunity to incorporate a beautiful slab of natural stone marble. This iconic-looking and beautiful material can be used throughout the home to great effect. However, there is something truly special about choosing a marble benchtop for your kitchen.

To help inspire you, we’ve put together a guiding list of beautiful marble kitchen countertop ideas. But first: why choose Marble?

The Benefits of Marble


Marble, like all stone, is a highly durable and hardy material. With some simple sealing and good maintenance habits, a marble benchtop is not just an opportunity to add elegance to your home today but a chance to invest in a long term solution that will add value to your home.

Heat Resistance

You know the saying, If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Well, it applies to your countertop as well. Marble offers excellent heat resistance which is one of the reasons it makes for such a good kitchen countertop. Of course, we still recommend using trivets and kitchen mats for pots and pans as with all benchtop materials.


Due to the fact that natural stone, like marble, is quarried from the ground and cut from slab to size, no two blocks of stone are exactly the same. If you want a truly unique and magnificent kitchen countertop, there’s nothing better than marble.


Marble is beautiful. That’s the truth. While we may be biased, the aesthetic of marble has long been associated with luxury and sophistication. While you might not be in a position to use marble throughout the home or even kitchen, your benchtop is a practical, affordable application for this most gorgeous of stones.

11 Beautiful Marble Kitchen Countertops Ideas

  1. Pietra Medicea Kitchen Island

The deep textures of this stormy grey coloured marble is excellent for a wide range of marble kitchen countertops. We especially recommend using a honed, smooth slab or pietra medicea as part of a chic kitchen island. Available in either a matte or normal finish, this special marble is perfect for both modern and rustic kitchen designs.

  1. Super White Benchtop

Nothing brings minimalistic simplicity and pure beauty like a super white dolomite marble benchtop. Easily complemented by either blue kitchen tiling, gold fixtures or a range of other colours, an all-white countertop will infuse a lightness and spaciousness to your kitchen. 

  1. Classic Italian Benchtop

When you think of marble, you’re probably picturing this classic Italian marble with milky colouring and light grey veining. This iconic type of marble will instantly elevate your kitchen and bring a sense of grandeur and luxury to the home. While suitable for a wide range of interior design styles, it’s particularly stunning in traditionally styled homes.

  1. Beautiful Blue Stone Benchtop

Blue marble might not be what first comes to mind, but this beautiful material is becoming more and more popular. It’s easy to understand why. Despite its name, blue marble offers rich colouring and a range of patterns and shading, so you’ll certainly find the one that’s right for you and your kitchen. Plus, there are plenty of blue marble options out there such as:

5. Green Marble Countertop

 A green marble countertop is an impressive sight. With intricate veining patterns and a rich yet earthy tone, green marble can be used in conjunction with a range of colour schemes and design styles.

6. Black and Gold Kitchen Countertop

Nothing says bold and beautiful like a black and gold kitchen countertop. If you’re out to really highlight your kitchen bench, a stunning slab of black and gold marble will be the cherry on the cake. Black is best suited in kitchens with white or light cabinetry and flooring so that it doesn’t make the overall colour scheme seem too heavy.

7.  Curved Edges

Now onto some marble countertop design styles. A curved edge marble countertop looks absolutely beautiful in any kitchen. If you’re not a fan of modern-style hard 90-degree corners and rectangular aesthetics, a curved marble kitchen countertop will add a touch of softness and beauty. Plus, curved countertops are less likely to get chipped!

8. Miter Joint Edges

Marble slabs come in all shapes, sizes and thickness. If you’re putting in a relatively thin marble benchtop, an affordable and easy way to achieve the impressive aesthetic of a thicker slab is through using a miter joint around the countertop’s edging. 

9. Multi-Slab Countertop

As mentioned, every piece of stone and marble is different. One way of making your marble countertop stand out is by actually incorporating two different blocks of stone with two distinct patterns and veining. This allows you to achieve an even more unique aesthetic that will absolutely draw the eye of visitors, friends and family. 

10. Pair With Wood

Wood and marble look absolutely fantastic! If your kitchen boasts wood or timber elsewhere, consider using a classic white or grey coloured marble for your countertop. This semi-rustic and semi-Scandinavian aesthetic is pure elegance. 

11. Juxtapose Black and White

Black and white are two opposite colours that just work a treat. If you’re thinking about what the right marble countertop is for your kitchen, consider going for the contrasting black and white design style. Marble comes in both luxuriously dark shades and gloriously white colours, so no matter what the rest of your kitchen looks like, you’ll find a more-than suitable slab of marble. 

You Can Count(ertop) On Euro Marble!

There you have it, 11 excellent ideas for a marble kitchen countertop. As you can see there’s plenty of options available from the type of marble, to the overall kitchen design and even the shape of your actual benchtop.

If you’d like additional help finding the perfect marble countertop for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. 

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