As an interior designer or architect, you will want to be selective with whom you trust and choose as your dedicated stone supplier. You need to remember that for many clients, the choice of stone represents the biggest material selection within their project. Think of the disappointment your client will feel if the buying experience is not to a high standard or even worse, the material selected has flaws and not to their satisfaction. Now picture YOUR disappointment when they vent their frustration out on you and take their opinions online. To avoid this situation, it is crucial that you research a company, their history and capabilities before you trust them with the task of supplying you with superior quality & timeless marble for your client’s residential or commercial project.

Here are just a few important factors you can consider before committing to a purchase of marble or natural stone slabs from a supplier:


Product Range

These days there is a wide selection of marble stone materials on the market, and the options are most often overwhelming and will come at a shock to most clients and home owners. Euro Marble for example imports slabs from all parts of the world giving the client a chance to have an Italian kitchen benchtop and a touch of Portugal and Spain in their bathroom. There are some options that might be suitable to use for a bathroom vanity that wouldn’t lend itself well for a kitchen island so its important that you ask questions and rely on the stone supplier’s knowledge in the industry to comment on their suitability.

A good marble supplier will have at the very least one local showroom or warehouse that displays their complete collection to view in person. Seeing the stone selection in person is a highly regarded experience than viewing from samples or behind a computer screen where colours are often misrepresented and not shown in their true light.


What are other customers saying?

If you really want to feel confident in choosing a particular marble supplier, listen and see what others have to say about their experience in using them. Thankfully with today’s technology and shift towards a digital era, many stone suppliers have an updated website that highlights reviews from various avenues and client testimonials. Search the company’s business page on Facebook or even check out their profile on Google reviews to see what past clients have to say about their experience.


Customer Service Levels

The natural stone supplier that you select to undertake your required marble and granite works should make your visit as easy, pleasant and informative as possible. You want to feel confident with them and their team of stone artisans and to always exceed your expectations and ensure that IF a problem does arise, they will be quick and efficient to rectify this. When talking to the sales staff of the stone supplier, you need to ask yourself:

“Is the way I am being treated the same way I treat my clients?” If the answer is no, it would be in your best interest to consult with other marble suppliers.


Quality Control

When selecting a stone supplier, you must ensure they offer a quality product and set the highest of standards for quality control. Your clients will always want a product that can stand the test of time and be suitable for the application that they had intended to use it in. The natural stone supplier and fabricator you engage to complete your scope of works should have a quality inspection procedure in place whereby they point out any poor quality or flaws within the materials they offer.


Contact Us Today to Arrange An Appointment!

A good natural stone supplier and fabricator can make or break the success of any project. You will want to make sure you are offering your clients a quality product and service that you have confidence in so it is not a decision that should be rushed. For Architects, designers or even home owners looking for the above qualities in a stone supplier & fabricator, look no further than Euro Marble. An appointment is not required however it is a good way to proceed to ensure that our sales staff give you their undivided attention and answer any questions you may have regarding our extensive inventory of bespoke natural stones.



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