Marble is amongst the most popular choices of natural stone for flooring in homes. The elegant sophistication of this stunning material has been and will continue to remain in style for generations to come.

If you’re considering marble flooring for your home, there are many, many options and opportunities for customisation. While many people choose darker coloured marbles to really help make the floors in their house pop, the classically lighter marble has always been the more frequently chosen. In this article we’ll outline some of the most popular and best marble flooring design styles for light marble.

White, light and bright

White marble offers a lot by way of design and functionality. If you’re a fan of minimalist and scandanavian design but don’t want to go down the dark, bold colour scheme path an open concept white marble floor is the way to go. The white stone will reflect the natural light that enters a room and will help make your entire house brighter. Keeping an all-white tone of marble across the space allows you to choose whether you want larger tiles or smaller but more intricately patterned marble stones, which takes us to our next design idea.

Add some mosaic to your marble

If you love the look and feel of white marble but want to add some depth, you can opt for a mosaic marble floor. Marble is extremely versatile, especially stunning Italian marble, and can make for a stunning display in all manner of patterns: herringbone, hexagonal, fish scales or oriental. While more intricate mosaic designs can make your floor seem busier, the light marble shading will keep it from being distracting or overwhelming for you and your guests.

Wide and veiny

Carrara marble is extraordinarily popular for use as stone floor tiles. The grey-silver cloud-like veins that run through this stunning stone break up the whiteness and lightness, and infuse an element of depth into the floor. An excellent idea for incorporating this marble into your home is by using large, flat and square tiles throughout the entirety of the room, be it a living area or a bedroom. The grey veins will not only look like a million bucks but they will often even play with your optical perceptions and make the room feel like it’s growing out from under you and lengthening. 

Checked black and white tiles

Many people don’t realise this but marble comes in a whole variety of colours, not just white and grey. One of these colours is black. Now, we promised from the top that we’ll be sticking to light marble colors for flooring but one way of introducing a bit of a funky yet elegant design into your lighter flooring is by strewing some (small or large) black tiles in a checkered pattern amongst the white. The benefit of this style is that it adds a contrast of marble colouring while keeping the iconic royal look that everyone loves.

Stripes and sheathes

Striped marble tiles or sheaths can liven up a plain marble stone floor effortlessly. Much like the natural milky veins of marble, particular types of this stone offer even more variety and boldness in the overlaying design. Take for example our exclusive licorice marble. The longitudinal lines create a rather striking pattern without sacrificing the lightness of shade or the modernistic look. Striations in marble offer a lot of opportunity for you to add a bit of colour and character in your marble flooring, all while keeping it tasteful and seamless.

Light blue and white

Another colour option, if you want to add something other than white, grey or black, is blue marble. While some home owners love the dreamy light blues inherent in this particular natural stone, others prefer to incorporate light blue marble flooring within a white tiled border. Elegantly arrayed this bright style will add eye-popping colour without sacrificing the airiness you’re wanting to achieve by opting for light stone. Blue marble is particularly well suited for integration in bathrooms and laundries.

Earthy brown marble

Brown marble might not seem intuitively like a lighter flooring option but, like all marble, the brown stones come in a variety of shades. Light brown marble arrayed in large tiles across a room can achieve a unique balance of warmth with its earthy undertones and brightness with its shiny, smooth appearance. If you’re a big fan of the wooden look, there’s even a type of marble stone called teak wood that is sure to have you head over heels. 

Go for gold marble

If you want your marble flooring to look and feel fit for a king, few ideas can go toe to toe with a gold and white marble flooring pattern. Pure luxury in execution, gold and white are perfectly complementary colours of marble that can be set out in exquisitely complex patterns or can be tastefully designed with minimalism in mind. Either way, a golden marble look will gleam in the sun and keep your flooring light and fresh looking.


Thanks to the wondrous nature of marble stone flooring and the many differences in design, tone, shading and colour, there are plenty of light marble flooring ideas for your home. Whether you’re looking for something unique or want a style that’s tried and tested, there’s a ton of variety that is bound to look amazing however you integrate it.

Would you like to discuss any of the ideas outlined above in more detail? Or do you want to explore some entirely new and different ideas? The Euro Marble team can’t wait to dig into the details of all things marble stone flooring. So give us a call on (02) 8585 2999 today!

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