Bondi Residence II

When a home’s front courtyard wall is sculpted from a slab of white marble, you can be sure that the interior will match this extravagance. The level of opulence becomes abundantly clear when entering the all-white lobby and being confronted by a marvellous marble and bronze staircase, bathed in beautiful natural light.

The vibrant Calacatta Marble adorns several features in the home, evoking a certain prestige that wouldn’t be amiss in a palace. From the marble fireplace feature, to the en- suite’s marble walls, marble vanities and a marble splashback, Calacatta marble’s unique aesthetic creates an incredible luminance throughout the home.

It’s easy to see why Calacatta Marble remains a firm favourite in the architectural design world. The versatility in application makes it easy to achieve a seamless luminance throughout a home, creating a beautifully elegant flow.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...