Bondi Residence - Marble Fireplace

In this project, we combined two exquisite natural stones, Calacatta max and Nero Marquina (Black marble), to create a beautiful butterfly effect for the marble fireplace. This contrast in colours works exceptionally well, and the juxtaposition creates a very modern, sleek, and stylish effect.

Calacatta marble has a distinctive look, the subtle background colour accentuating the bold grey veining. The white versus stark black contrast with Nero Marquina marble is used to create a very contemporary marble kitchen island, complete with marble draw fronts.

In this particular project, we opted to use the two types of marble to create an almost solid piece of stone, taking kitchen aesthetics to a whole new level. The end outcome was pleasing to both the Euro Marble team and the client. The choice of lighting fixtures completes the design and enhances the contrast perfectly.

If you are considering a similar project, please get in touch with us. We work with any natural stone and have plenty of experience working on commercial and residential projects.


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