Boutique Bondi Dental

When refurbishing this dental practise, we had to ensure that maximum illumination was achieved, while retaining the fresh airy feel of the minimalistic space. With its intricate yet elaborate patterning, Arabescato marble was the perfect fit against the crisp whiteness of the surgery.

A full height book-matched marble wall immediately draws your eye to the exquisite pattern created where the two slabs of marble meet. This upmarket elegance continues through to the reception desk with its fully clad marble façade.

Marble remains one of the firm favourites amongst interior designers and architects for both its aesthetic and functional qualities. While marble might appear fragile and delicate, it provides an incredibly durable and wear resistant surface, which makes it one of the most extraordinary gifts offered by mother nature.

With its multifaceted application, you will be hard-pressed to stop at just upgrading your kitchen with a marble benchtop, and adding elegance to your bathroom with a marble vanity. We suggest browsing all our commercial and residential projects and make a list of your favourite features.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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