Bronte Residence

The design brief for the Bronte Residence required maximising the natural light and ventilation in the living areas while optimising the breathtaking oceans views. Hermes marble, Silver Travertine and Navona Travertine were chosen to complement the monochromatic colour palette and enhance the relaxed and calming charm of this beachside home.

The beautiful ivory coloured Navona Travertine adds a brilliant luminance to the home. Used for flooring throughout the home, as well as the modern staircase. The trendy Silver Travertine breaths fresh air into the kitchen with the Travertine splash back and travertine kitchen counters showing off its steel grey facade. This specific Travertine boasts silver and green nuances with the occasional fleck of brown, perfect for a classical or contemporary home.

Hermes white marble embraces its noble character in the exquisite solid marble bathtub and marble vanity that graces the master en-suite. Further dressing both the floor and the walls of two bathrooms, Hermes marble lends an elegant grace with its characteristic alabaster white facade showing off the slight ribbons of silver and pewter.

Ready to transform your home? Add a classy marble bench top to your kitchen or upgrade your bathrooms with luxurious marble vanities. Adding natural stone features to your home is a timeless investment that you’ll be proud to show off.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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