Lilyfield Residence

A masterful refurbishment of a 1910 kitchen is what took place at the Lilyfield Residence. We were delighted to be invited to add our own unique touch to this classic kitchen, transforming it from a dated room to an exquisitely eclectic space that celebrates its heritage through the vibrant natural hues found in the luxurious natural stone implemented. Opulent Rosso Lepanto marble benchtops and a marble splashback bring an eloquent ambience to the kitchen, giving it a unique sense of sophistication and style.

Rosso Lepanto, a deep red marble is both striking and elegant, consisting of a powerful combination of deep wine red, burgundy and garnet. This vivid palette is juxtaposed against a delicate infusion of sparkling white tendrils. A stark contrast of colour gives this natural stone a gorgeous sense of depth and movement. The rich tones are reminiscent of fashionable colour schemes from the early 1900s, while still remaining stylish today, a truly timeless stone, making it our natural choice for this stately marble kitchen.

Natural stone is an obvious choice when refurbishing your kitchen. Contact us today to see how we can help you transform your kitchen or home with our excellent range of natural stones.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...

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