Walsh Bay Residence

This Walsh Bay Residence exudes pure opulence. Boasting an incredible array of natural stones, this home wholly owns its palatial ambience.

Statuario marble transforms the main en-suite bathroom into an enchantingly refreshed space, adorning the marble walls and marble flooring. A marble fireplace also features the crisp white Statuario marble, sporting delicate grey veining of different tones and hues.

Calacatta marble adorns the marble benchtops in the kitchen, complemented by Statuario marble walls, as well as marble flooring, supporting the understated cosmopolitan look of this Walsh Bay home.

Calacatta tiles were crafted from the highly sought after Calacatta Borghini marble, producing a beautiful white facade with dark grey veining, and the occasional taupe and gold undertones. Calacatta marble was also used to clad the stylish marble vanity.

Combining a particular set of natural stones in your home design is a sure-fire way of adding instantaneous elegance. Contact us to bring your next design to life.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...