Watsons Bay Residence

For the Watson’s Bay Residence, we used 3 different types of marble, Carrara C, Statuario Venato, and Calacatta Belga. With its elegant appearance, Calacatta marble was the perfect marble to adorn the long, sleek kitchen island, creating a striking contrast against the dark wood cabinetry. Statuario Venato’s bright white background and fluid, refined grey veining beautifully complement the lily-white finishing of the kitchenette.

The luxurious en-suite bathroom benefitted from one of the most refined and precious natural stones, Carrara C. Its solid white and grey background serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase the intricate, sporadic grey veining of this elegant marble, creating a seamless illuminated design. Both the walls and the floor are entirely clad in Carrara Marble, as well as the vanity countertop.

Including any natural stone features in the design of your home is a simple way of adding glamour and elegance. View all our residential and commercial projects and see just how versatile this fantastic gift from nature can be!