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Which Marble Stone Supplier Is Right For You? The Ultimate Guide

As an interior designer or architect, you will want to be selective with whom you trust and choose as your dedicated stone supplier. You need to remember that for many clients, the choice of stone represents the biggest material selection within their project. Think of the disappointment your client will feel if the buying experience is not to a high standard or even worse, the material selected has flaws and not to their satisfaction.
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white marble australia

Different Types of White Marble and Their Best Uses in Australia

White marble is just a beautiful type of natural stone. It creates a minimal, sophisticated aesthetic and it’s not difficult to see why it’s chosen for so many luxurious residential
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grigio perla splashback

How much will my natural stone benchtop cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients here at Euro Marble is “How much will our natural stone benchtop cost?” We understand that kitchen renovations can be an intimidating experience due to cost but if you consider the value a new marble benchtop provides t your home or office space and you regularly maintain the surface then the investment is almost always worth it!
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Calacatta master ensuite walls floor

Is all Calacatta Marble the same?

When exploring for natural stone options for your new build or renovation, you would have no doubt come across a variety of different types of Calacatta marble. Its logical to assume that because all these materials share the same name, that they all look alike and are the same.
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Calacatta marble kitchen

Choosing The Right Natural Stone Benchtop

Choosing The Right Natural Stone Benchtop The biggest decision you will ever make when it comes to building a new or renovating an existing kitchen is “which natural stone material
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Creating a Work of Art with Statuario Venato Marble

  Once used to grace the insides of churches, hotels and large estates, today white marbles like Statuario Venato are easily accessible to source to help add that touch of
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