Limestone is one of the oldest luxurious building materials that has been used throughout history to decorate palaces, tombs and villas of the wealthiest members of society. Marble tiles, made of one of the most magnificent natural occurring limestones, have become one of the most popular tiles in home and building design. There are countless private residences and corporate buildings featuring marble tiles,  demonstrating they are a go-to solution for many interior designers and architects.

Most Important Things to Know About Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are cut out of marble stones. The best thing about marble is that it appears elegant, delicate and fragile, yet it is one of the most durable and wear-resistant stones out there. Since marble tiles come in various colours and sizes, they are suitable for almost anything.

Where To Use Marble Tiles

Marble tiles can add that sophisticated touch of elegance throughout your home or office building.


Marble tiles can turn your kitchen into the most luxurious area of your house. Whether you decide to go with black or white marble tiles, you will be able to match them with your kitchen cabinets and counters to create the ultimate visual experience.


Marble floor tile is commonly used for bathroom flooring, although they can also be used to cover bathroom walls. They are very practical solutions as they make bathroom cleaning very easy. A marble tile bathroom can help put that extra touch of style onto your home.


If you were looking for a way to enhance the look of your entryway, marble tiles are the perfect solution.

Foyers of halls

Adding luxury appeal to your establishment is very easy. By installing marble tiles in the foyer of the hall, you will create the perfect first impression.

Living and Dining rooms

Marble tiles are commonly found on the floors of living and dining rooms.

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Benefits of Marble Tiles

Easy to maintain

Marble tiles do not collect dirt and stains like tiles made of other materials. They are easy to maintain and you can polish them whenever you want to bring back the lively colours.

Extreme durability

Marble is one of the most durable and wear-resistant materials. This is why marble tiles are a perfect solution for flooring.

Unique luxurious look

Distinctive colour and veining patterns make each marble tile unique.

Colour Range of Marble Tiles

Marble tiles come in two colours: black and white.

Why Choose Euro Marble

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