Point Piper Residence II


Point Piper Residence II

We were thrilled to transform the en-suite bathroom and kitchen of this Point Piper Residence into elegant talking points.

Opulent marble drawer fronts and an exquisite marble kitchen island lend an eloquent ambience to the kitchen. Giving it a unique sense of sophistication and style. These drawer fronts are set in the fine-grained, milky white marble – Bianco Santorini. Instantly infusing the space with a classic yet contemporary air.

The gleaming luminosity of this natural stone exudes a bright and airy feel, creating a sense of spaciousness within the room. Bianco Santorini’s dazzling freshness is reminiscent of sparkling white sand. Making it perfect for refurbishing your kitchen into a shimmering showpiece.

Breccia Paradisea is a breathtaking natural stone, reminiscent of the glowing sky at sunset. It’s swirling tones of soft pinks and glowing champagne set the stage for a lattice of amber and bronze veining. This exquisite marble makes a statement that brings the en-suite bathroom to life. Transforming it into a soothing space that exudes a deep sense of tranquillity.

Natural stone is an obvious choice when refurbishing your kitchen or bathroom. Marble benchtops or a marble splashback will bring an extra dash of glamour to your home. Contact us today. Let us help you install a marble kitchen or a marble bathroom – or both – with our excellent range of natural stones.


Marble is nature's gift to capture...