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Travertine Staircase

Everything You Need To Know About Travertine

Travertine might not be as well-known as Granite or Marble, but it is definitely just as elegant and versatile. What is Travertine? Travertine is a type of Limestone, formed by
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Point Piper Residence Verde Van Gogh kitchen island

How To Repair Stone Benchtops

Having a stone benchtop in your kitchen is simply wonderful. From the beauty of natural or engineered stone to the hardiness and durability of the material, nothing can stand up
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The Surprising Benefits of Marble Bathtubs

Natural stone is a very popular choice of material for a range of applications in home design and construction. Quartz, limestone, granite, and onyx are just a few of the
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5 Benefits of Marble Stairs

Marble has been used in interior construction and design for a long time. From kitchen benchtops and splashbacks to flooring and feature walls, the versatility of marble has only added
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03 Banda Property Design New York Apartment

What Is Granite Used For?

Granite is one of a number of natural stones commonly used as a building material and for exterior/interior design. Quarried directly from the ground and cut to size for use
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calacatta extra bookmatch reception counter

The Top Stone Kitchen Benchtop Ideas

An artwork in itself, book-matched natural stone creates an enchanting vista that one could stare at all day. Two imposing slabs of stone opened up and placed next to one
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